How Exercise Could Help Fight Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a terrible thing that affects numerous people from all over the worlds from the poorest neighborhoods to the richest communities. Some of these people can overcome their addiction but their addictive personalities are still there. Certain environmental cues can trigger the brain to fall back into their addictive patterns. One thing that can help overcome this is exercise.

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Researchers have discovered that the brain releases peptides during exercise that can block memories of a certain environment. Rats were exposed to cocaine in cages with a distinctive floor pattern. They were then put in their cages, some with exercise wheels. The rats that exercised were able to “forget” that the cages had cocaine in them. I personally think this research is a stretch. There are other factors that affect drug addiction, not just the environment we are in. Of course, read the article yourself with the link below!

Author: Sean Willitts