Tips For Staying Healthy and Accountable at Work

Working with a trainer is a fantastic way to get in shape. Trainers will push you and hold you accountable to your goals. However, a trainer can’t follow you around all day. One of the biggest challenges is staying on track at work. Here are some tips to help stay on track with your goals.

1.      Remember why you started- A good question to ask ourselves constantly is why your goal is important to you. Keeping reminders around you to help keep you motivated will help in reminding you. Changing your screensaver, changing your passcode into your goal weight, and even a before picture posted near you will serve as a constant reminder as to why you started.

2.      Partner up- Find a friend at work to help keep you on track. Someone with similar goals will help navigate temptations inside and outside of work.

3.      Track food- At work, we have to stay on track with our nutrition and find out where we can improve. We often don’t think of looking at our nutrition facts until it’s too late. It’s ok to have a misstep but if we can identify where we messed up, we can learn from our mistake and not make it again.

4.      Prep- Bring your lunch. Plan ahead and prep some meals early in the week. This will prevent the vending machine lunch or eating out. If you are meeting a client at a restraint, do your research on the menu and make smart choices.

5.      Be a Leader- Chances are, you aren’t the only person in the office trying to lead a healthier life. Get some others on board with you to change things in the office. Set a good example for coworkers. There are power in numbers.

Staying on track at work is a challenge but with these tips, it gets just a little easier.