Increasing Muscle Mass Through Massage

       Massage goes hand in hand with exercise. Working hard and getting fit in the gym can take its toll. Oftentimes massage is the go to for those with sore muscles. It turns out that massage has some added benefits as well. Massage could be a means to increase muscle size, reduces muscle loss, and promotes muscle strength and size in conditions of muscle wasting. A massage is no substitute for moving weight in the gym but can be used as a supplement to getting as strong as possible.

            At its very core, massage is a stimulation of muscles in order to produce relaxation. This is a mechanical stimulus that produces a biological signal to tell our body to repair itself. This is called mechanotransduction or the ability to turn a mechanical stimulus into an intracellular biochemical event. One of the most important reactions is the body increases the rate of protein synthesis. This protein helps to repair muscles and increase size (slightly).

As well as assisting muscle growth, massage can help to decrease inflammation. When we workout, we are essentially damaging out muscles. When damaged, muscles become inflamed and sore. This is the body’s response to the outside stimulus.