Tips to Conquer the Air Bike

When we think of the toughest pieces of equipment in Body Elite’s gym most people will

point to the air bike. Chances are if you ask someone about their first time on it, they’ll tell you a horror story. With all of the hate that the machine receives it is second to none in terms of cardiovascular response. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of this monster.

  1. Use more legs than arms - It’s no secret that our legs are more powerful than our arms. We can use that to our advantage when biking. Focus mainly on the leg drive. Our arms will tire out quicker than our legs. Our arms more or less control the power of our legs.

  2. Foot placement - Some people use the stirrups, some don’t. It all depends where your foot lies on the pedal if you should use them or not. By having the ball of your foot on the pedal we can maximize the power we put down.

  3. Torso -Keep the shoulders from moving too much. This expends way more energy than we

think. Keeping up a steady consistent pace will help in the long run rather than starting

fast and finishing at a slow pace because you ran out of breath or became tired.

Sean Willitts