Personal training and fitness is the magic pill!  Studies show that it helps with mood, mental clarity, weight management, muscle hypertrophy, strength, and a host of other beneficial effects.  

The BE Cares Fund was designed to help clients and potential clients that are going through hardships reach their health and fitness goals without having to worry about the cost.  Lets face it, health is expensive, but we want to be able to offer this aspect of health to anyone.  The BE Cares Fund helps accomplish this.

Over BE's 17 years in business we've volunteered numerous hours towards helping many clients reach their goals.  With your donation BE can help reach more people in need of health and fitness.

Fall 2018 Event

We are announcing our next BE Cares Event for the week of November 5th. It’s called Push Run Raise. During this week our clients will have the option to complete the Push Run Raise feat in order to raise money for Mental Health America.

We will be testing max amount of push-ups and miles ran for each client participating. Non BE members (and BE members if can’t complete during the week) can come to BE and participate on Saturday November 10th followed my a healthy lunch and party.

We are looking for our clients and participants to solicit sponsors to donate them a certain dollar/cent amount per push-up and miles completed. For example I may get Joe Smith to sponsor a dollar a push-up and if I complete 100 push-ups he’ll donate $100.

Mental Health America is a great organization that deals with a spectrum of mental health issues. We’ve all gone through periods of rough mental health and know someone who is inflicted with a mental health disorder.

The number one feedback we get from our clients isn’t about weight loss, muscle, or stamina. It is the fact that our clients mentally feel more alert, clear minded, confident, motivated, and happier overall. With all the recent studies showing exercise is one of the best ways to help with mental health, BE figured there would be no better cause to raise money and awareness for.