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Sports Performance Clinic

Body Elite is excited to be partnering with F.C. Steel to host a youth sports performance 2 day clinic March 3 and 4. This clinic is open to all athletes not just soccer!

Youth sports strength and conditioning has grown in abundance the last 10 years. With more facilities opening and more information available online the standards and training have not necessarily improved, but actually have been watered down. Many parents are questioning what method of training or even if training itself is safe and effective.

At Body Elite, we’ve taken a unique approach with strength and conditioning. Our methodology combines strength and conditioning with movement/mobility based exercises, posture corrective movements..., and core emphasis melding into what we call sports performance training. Body Elite’s philosophy for our athletes is building a strong foundation rooted in teaching proper form/technique utilizing progressions of exercises/weights at the appropriate rate. This develops confidence, helps prevent injury and improves overall athleticism.

In this two day clinic we will cover:

•Injury prevention
•Improved movement efficiency
•Running and multidirectional agility technique
•Age appropriate strength training
•7 basic human movement patterns

8:00am - 9:00am (Ages 8-11)
9:15AM- 10:15AM (11-14 years of age)
10:30AM-11:30AM (14-17 years of age)

Price: $70 (Payment made day of the event)

Register online: