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Salads & Smoothies: Meal Prep at Body Elite

Join us on April 2 at 6:30 for a little meal prep at Body Elite!  We will be making 5 salads and 5 smoothies to help you in your healthy eating efforts that week...every little bit helps right?

What you need:

Bring 5 mason jars (you can get them at Wegman's or Giant) or 5 Tupperware containers

Sign up for 1 salad item

Sign up for 1 fruit

You can sign up for me if you like! 

On April 2 we will be creating the salads in your jars and then your smoothie ingredients will be bagged and ready for your blender!

Be sure to bring your ingredients prepped...sliced/diced/chopped/shredded

Feel free to invite a friend!

Have questions?  Call/Text Jennifer at 610.462.3730 or email

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