the transform group

Have you ever wanted to try kayaking, paddle boarding, running a 5k, hiking, or to test your metal on a ropes course? Do you keep meaning to check out that new healthy restaurant with the interesting farm to table concept? Have you been wanting to expand your healthy cooking skills by attending cooking demonstrations? How about taking a nutritionist with you to the to the grocery store to get the real scoop on what is healthy?  Do you want to Transform your lifestyle and have a ton of fun in the process? Our Transform group at Body Elite is a unique opportunity to participate in a fun, engaging, and supportive community that will help you develop healthier habits and create a more active lifestyle.

The group is led by Erin Smith Sparrold CN METS I. Erin is an experienced nutritionist with a passion for her work and an enthusiastic desire to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

To keep the support and motivation going there is a private Transform Facebook group.  Along with regular posts from Erin, members are encouraged to use this group to share their workout success and new favorite recipes. Join us and have a lot of fun while you Transform your health. 

Transform Group starts September 12 and we meet at Body Elite!  Here are the dates and times for our meets.

  • Every other Tuesday at 10 am
  • Every other Thursday at 5:15 pm
  • Every Saturday morning group run/walk at Trexler park at 8:30 am
  • Monthly Group Activities TBD
  • $95 per month.