What do you see in the picture? I’m not gonna tell you what I see. This is a great exercise to see your perspective. It could be a microcosm for your life... or not. Leave comments below.

I found the biggest reason for my happiness or unhappiness all boils down to my perspective on the situation. Perspective I found is the most powerful tool in order to make my life what I want it to be.

I’m one to believe that it’s a good thing to stay even keel... not too high and not too low. One of the ways I keep myself there it’s by adjusting my perspective on my situation.

With my personal training clients I try to keep them in this middle of the road perspective. When they are getting too hard on themselves and beating themselves up I can simply change their perspective by pointing out how far they’ve came already. Even if they didn’t lose a pound or gain any strength the fact that they made the step to come and see me is a great accomplishment. If they keep this up inevitably they are going to become healthier.

On the opposite end, someone who is stuck on a plateau or refuses to make the next progressive step I have to play bad cop and shine the light on them. I’ll challenge their fears and push them with a “break them” workout. This workout is something inspired by the military where I fully know there is no real physical benefit, but I try to push them to an almost breaking point physically, but for them to be able to push through and have mental victory. Think Hell Week with the Navy Seals. This workout changes their perspective on what the human body and they themselves can do.

My challenge to you this week is to change your perspective on aspects of your life or your fitness that you feel is hopeless or that you feel you are extraordinary at. Chances are it’s neither hopeless or extraordinary.

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Mark Radio serves as the manager, exercise physiologist and nutritional counselor at BE. He graduated in 2008 from Bloomsburg University with a bachelors degree in Exercise Science, is a CPT through ACSM, and is a certified nutritional counselor through AFPA.