Top 6 Reasons to Train with a Personal Trainer

You got it Another shameless promotion on why to train at BE. All joking aside not just BE, but personal training in general offers great benefits.  Here are our top 6 in no specific order.

  1. Accountability- Whether you are the type of person who refuses to break and appointment, waste money, or needs a scheduled time to get something done, there is no question that having a personal trainer keeps you accountable. Every session is like handing in your homework to the teacher. Did you eat well? Did you do your cardio? Did you do your ab work? All these questions will be answered every session you meet.

  2. Motivation- Everyone has those days where they can't get anything done. They just don't have the juice. Well when it comes to workouts most people don't have the luxury of skipping them. If you have the right trainer who knows your motivation it makes all the difference. Do you need positive reinforcement, yelled at like a drill seargent, tough love, or something in between?

  3. Knowledge- Assuming you go to the right trainer you are interacting with an expert in the exercise field, but more importantnly an expert in body mechanics. They will know the proper exercsies, program, and tempo to get you to your goal. Their knowledge will also lead us to our next reason.

  4. Safety- Knowledge directly relates to safety. By working with a personal trainer they will keep you safe. Not just by being there to spot you, but also with exerise selection to fit your skill level and body alignment.

  5. Stress Free- It's an awesome feeling not to have to think. You can relax. Well that's how your mind will be with the right trainer. You don't have to program your own workouts or worry if you are doing something right. They think for you so to speak.

  6. Different Ideas- Being a personal trainer myself, I love to be trained by other trainers because they make me do things I don't want to do or have been overlooking. An extra set of eyes or different perspective can always be a help no matter what skill level you are.

Those are just a few good reasons to look into personal training and find the right trainer or group of trainers for you.   

Mark Radio, Body Elite General Manager

Mark Radio, Body Elite General Manager

Mark Radio is the General Manager of Body Elite. He graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2008 with a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. He is a certified nutritional counselor through AFPA. Mark enjoys working with all types of clients from any skill level. Mark tailors programs to your skill level and goals, putting an emphasis on strength training, high intensity cardio, and eating “real” food to get BE clients to where they want to be.