2 Minutes A Day Keeps The Aches Away

Being immobile through the thoracic spine causes many ailments throughout the body.  Our lifestyles have led us to drastically become weak and immobile through this area.  With just two minutes a day you can fix or prevent this problem. This one simple 2 minute exercise can keep you healthy, offset poor postural habits, and for you heavy lifters, save those shoulders for some big lifts.  

I myself perform a version of this either with a towel, foam roller, lacrosse balls, or baseballs daily.  I've been using it with my clients for years now and noticed it indirectly helps with elbow, shoulder, and low back pain.  Here is my friend Nick Horowski of Robbins Rehabilitation and Evolution Health and Fitness talking you through the movement.  

Have a great week,

Mark Radio

Mark Radio is CPT through ACSM, certified nutritional counselor, and has a BA in Exercise Science. He is an Exercise Physiologist/Manager for Body Elite Inc. and owner of Hardcore Home Fitness, LLC.