Realistic Strength Tests

So you think you’re pretty strong. Being able to lift heavy things in the gym is great and will improve strength. We can brag to our coworkers about how much more you can lift than them. Here are some great tests of strength.

1.      10 full pull-ups or chin ups

Pull ups are difficult for most people. Being able to do 10 full reps is a sure sign that you are in shape. The biggest challenge with this is using perfect form throughout all 10 reps.

2.      Strict overhead press 75% of your bodyweight for 3 reps

The keyword here is the strict. This means no leg drive and no extra movement except that bar moving from your shoulders to directly over your head.

3.      Squat your bodyweight for 6 reps minimum

Squatting with good form to full depth with your bodyweight on your back or in front of you is a great way to measure strength and endurance. Being able to achieve this means balancing strength and bodyweight. Too much body weight will result in too much weight on your back.

4.      12 full dips

A test to determine triceps and shoulder strength and endurance. As before, good form and full range of motion is very important.

5.      35 full push-ups

Full range of motion and good form is the true test. Muscle fatigue will set in and make your form break over time.