How to Find the Joy in Fitness

How to Find the Joy in Fitness

I’m often asked if my wife enjoys exercising as much as I do. “Oh, you’re a trainer, your significant other must be super into fitness as well.” The truth is, she isn’t. One of the many reasons behind her dislike for working out is that she doesn’t find it fun. Don’t get me wrong, she still goes to the gym and works out but will complain every chance she gets. Unfortunately, this is a big reason why people don’t exercise; they don’t find it enjoyable.

Dr. Michelle Segar recommends forgetting all the fine details that tend to overwhelm us in the gym such as fine form adjustments, time, or effort and to just enjoy moving. Think about a long car ride. After a couple hours of driving you reach your destination. What’s the first thing you do? You get out of your car and walk around, you limber up, and suddenly; you feel much better. The same concept goes for exercising. Dr. Segar recommends that if an individual is intimidated by exercising and doesn’t find it fun, that they should simply start small. Find something you enjoy such as dancing or doing yard work. In short, worry about simply moving than the perfect type of movement.

Dr. Segar also says to change how you view exercise. Instead of thinking about exercise as punishment for having too much dessert the day before, that you should see it as a privilege. It should make you feel good. You should also give yourself credit for doing something you find enjoyable and take comfort in the fact that you are actually burning calories and becoming healthier. Since there aren’t any goals you set, you can’t get upset when you don’t achieve them.

In conclusion, exercising should be a fun experience. Let go of your self-doubt and just move for the fun of it. Take joy in the fact that you are more active. Focus on the movement and not what type of movement you should do. Eventually, you might feel the need to take your movement to the next level and join a gym. A good trainer will help you find the joy in exercising.


Sean Willitts is an ACE certified personal trainer. He graduated from Kutztown University in 2015 with a bachelor’s is sport management and a minor in fitness. Including training at Body Elite, he is also a record holding powerlifter. He uses his practical experience and knowledge to help his clients achieve their strength and fitness goals.

pc: Austin Schmid @schmidy