5 Ways to Continue your New Year's Resolution

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It’s almost the end of February. We hope your resolution is still going strong and you are on track for achieving your goals. But, let’s face it, we’re humans. We falter, we fail, we fall off but we can bounce back and achieve them. Here are just a couple tips to break through your plateaus and stay on track.

1.      Get a Workout Partner

Working out with a friend will help you in more ways than you think. Whether your friend is more advanced than you or just a beginner. Having a workout partner that is stronger or more fit than you can help you push a little harder to try and catch up with them. Having someone less experienced than you will force you into doing things the correct way and teach them how to do things. Plus you can show off a little more. Make sure that person is motivated and are aware of your goals.

2.      Change your Workouts

I am a huge fan of consistency as I’ve said before. However, changing your workouts can help overcome your plateaus. For example, if you wanted to become stronger, the logical thing to do is lift more weight. Anyone who’s ever strength trained has hit a point where they don’t get stronger. If you continue going at the same weight you’ll see diminishing returns. Before this happens, change things up. Start running, do yoga, try Zumba, just change it up. After doing that, return to your strength training and you’ll most likely see an increase in strength.

3.      Reevaluate goals

Goals are an endpoint. They are big picture ideas and should be treated as such. If your goals are big (which they shouldn’t be), break that big goal into smaller, more achievable goals. These smaller goals will keep you motivated and satisfied on your journey.

4.      Get your Friends on Board

I know what you’re thinking. “This is the same as your first tip.” It’s not. The biggest reason clients tell they need a personal trainer is because we hold them accountable. Telling your friends and family about your goals can help them help you. Co-workers can make sure you’re choosing healthy lunches. Significant others can help you stay on track when you feel lazy. Even posting on social media can help. Post an exercise or a PR on social media and watch how many likes and views you’ll get.

5.      Have Fun!

Don’t treat exercise as torture or punishment for overeating the night before. Treat it as fun and be enthusiastic about it. Have fun with your exercise and don’t take it too seriously. You aren’t training for the Olympics so take your time and enjoy the process.