Meal Prep Tips

     As our earlier article stated, meal prepping can be efficient, budget friendly, and beneficial. Now let’s share some tips on how to get the most out of your meals.

1.      Grill your chicken!

     Grilling your chicken is one of the healthiest way to prepare this delicious protein. By grilling our chicken we lock in the flavor and keep it nice and tender inside. When we meal prep we have to think about the longevity of the food we’ve prepared and how it will taste later in the week. When we bake chicken it starts to lose it’s flavor and will get rubbery. Grilling the chicken affirms that it will stay flavorful throughout the week.

2.      Plan out in Advance

     One of our reasons for prepping our meals is to be more organized and stay on track. If we go into the grocery store without a plan we are more likely to stray off our path. Having a plan before hand and knowing what you want to put in your meals can help when it comes to staying on track.

3.      Know your nutrients

     How can you reach an unknown destination without some form of guidance? The same goes for our nutrition. Anyone can put a chicken breast, some rice, and some broccoli in a container and call it a healthy meal. Most people would agree that this is a healthy meal, but is it healthy FOR YOU? Just as we have individual needs in the gym, we have individual needs when it comes to food. Everyone’s body reacts differently to a certain food. Knowing what foods make you feel good and how many of them to eat is vital to success.

     One of the main problems with the “American diet” is too much protein on a plate and not enough vegetables. Some people are inclined to eat more protein than others while others are able to eat more carbs. This is called metabolic typing. Luckily, there are tests to determine what kind of typing you need.

4.      Change it up

     How often do we start a new diet then burn out because we are getting bored with the meals? While I am a fan of consistency in my life, nutrition can be changed up. Keep things fresh and exciting. If we choose plenty of different kinds of food, we are more likely to stick to a diet.

            As stated before, meal prepping can take your fitness goals to the next level. It can help keep you on track and allow you to be more successful. These are just a few tips to help you on your journey. Develop your own strategies and do your research and find what works for you.