Feeling Empowered Through Exercise

Endorphin's!  You all heard of endorphin's.  You know, those neuropeptides released while working out that make you feel like you're the king or queen of the world.  However, exercise can make you feel that way all the time, not just after a workout.  It can give you confidence like you never had before.

In the United States body image is everything.  It's a shame that it is that way, but lets face it, subconsciously we all think we are being judge on the way we look.  Subconsciously we are judging others on the way they look.  Again I wish it wasn't so, but you'd be lying if you denied that statement.  With that in mind, when most people want to feel better about themselves and regain some confidence they change their appearance.  They can dye their hair, grow facial hair, wear contacts instead of glasses, etc.  The ultimate change is the body.  Through exercise and proper diet great things can be achieved physically.  Imagine the confidence that gives you when you just changed your body!  Talk about feeling empowered.  No more worrying about what people think of you.  You know you look good!

Besides the physical, exercise and diet can change your state of mind.  By sticking to a rigorous routine and program and hitting your goals you can change your personality.  You gain the confidence that you can accomplish any task you set out to do.  No problem in your life looks the same.  You can put the same qualities you had with your exercise and diet and put them towards every other problem you have.  Following through with exercise and nutrition teaches you to be a winner in all other aspects of life.  When you are a winner you are empowered!   

How does exercise empower you?  Comment below and if you wish we will post your comments to our social media pages.