High Intensity Interval Training

This article sums up he effects of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT on older clients. The study was done on rats which are equivalent to a 65 year old human. One group was put through a "program" ofshort intervals on a treadmill followed by rest. This was repeated 4 times. This program was continued for a couple months. The results of the study seemed promising. The trained rats were stronger than those in the control group that kept up their sedentary lifestyle. The issue with this study, however, is that we aren't sure how it can be translated to training actual people and if the results can be replicated. At Body Elite, we have clients who have lived sedentary lives. After a couple training sessions, they improve their cardiovascular health as well as their strength. One interesting note is that in the rat study, if the pace was too quick, the researchers would ease up the intensity. This is important to note when training any age group. If a workout is too intense we should ease up and adjust it to the individual's fitness level. In conclusion, the study sounds promising and with a little more time and research, we should quickly find out if High Intensity Interval Training is the secret to improving everyone's health.