Sean's Take: Fitness isn't Glamorous

The other day I was lifting as I usually do in my free time. After warming up, I noticed I was sweating a little more than normal. Keep in mind this was just through warm ups. My nutrition was consistent with my usual training days, the weights were the same, sure it was warm out but with fans and the A/C going in the gym; it shouldn’t have been that bad. I felt fine and continued with my workout. Everything went swimmingly. It got me thinking though. I lift with a group of big guys. Sweat happens, smells are in the air, but we’re working hard at achieving our goals. Trust me, if the smells were to get bad, I’d say something. It’s a gym, this type of thing happens.

Even when training clients; I hear it all the time. “Wow, I’m sweating a lot!” That’s the name of the game. Just the other day, I took a client outside with the intention of doing some hammer swings. However, I had her do some tire flips. I wasn’t sure if she would have been able to do them. To her surprise, she could, and to my surprise, do them very well. After a set of just four, she was covered in dirt, sweat, and water. It didn’t bother her.

Exercise is not a glamorous thing. You will get dirty, you will get sweaty, you will cry, you will feel like you can’t do something. The journey is not easy and will take patience. If you think that exercise will be as easy as the Instagram models have, you will be shocked. Having the latest and greatest exercise tracker will not make you fit. Wearing the brightest and most fashionable athletic clothing will not make you fit. Hard work and sweat will.