6 Steps for Smarter Grocery Shopping

1.      Frozen and Canned Foods are your friend not foe

”Shop the perimeter.” This is a popular saying among those in the fitness industry. Using this strategy will help focus you into getting produce, veggies, lean meats, and dairy products. Products within the inner aisles are viewed as more processed and unhealthy. However, frozen foods and canned foods can keep you on track as well. Being smart and doing your research will help. Canned foods can contain more salt to keep them “fresher.” Try to find lower sodium cans of food. Frozen foods such as berries, broccoli, corn, and other veggies are very nutritious and have all of their nutrients locked in through flash freezing.

2.      Look lower

It is a popular marketing strategy to keep more expensive items at eye level and lower priced items down below. These low-shelf items are of the same quality and standards.

3.      Seasonal Produce

When fruits and vegetables are in season that means they are plentiful and readily available. This drives the prices down and the food is actually fresher. When out of season, a whole process of shipping makes them not as fresh and quality suffers. Plus it is a waste of nonrenewable resources.

4.      Shop the Circular

As a person with a fitness and goal focused mind, planning is a big part of your daily activities. Getting the circular in the mail can help you plan meals by seeing what’s on sale and what’s on special for the week.

5.      Don’t go on an Empty Stomach

If you’re like me, you live with a person who gets “hangry.” This is when someone gets irrationally angry and mad while hungry. Compulsive behavior is shown to accompany hunger. Imagine that impulsive behavior in a store. It can cause you to make bad decisions. Have a snack before you go or have a snack while there to avoid this.

6.      Use the Internet

Grocery stores have apps that can help consumers save money and plan their trip. You can even shop at home and have food delivered to your door.