Exercise Proven To Be The Magic Pill ... Again!

Yet another study shows those who have high levels of physical activity are twice as likely to avoid major diseases for 10 years longer than their counterparts.  

Diseases like stroke, heart disease, angina, cancer and diabetes, were all delayed.  On top of that mental cognition was sharper as well.

Lead Researcher Associate Professor Bamini Gopinath from the University of Sydney stated, "Essentially we found that older adults who did the most exercise were twice as likely to be disease-free and fully functional," 

"Our study showed that high levels of physical activity increase the likelihood of surviving an extra 10 years free from chronic diseases, mental impairment and disability."

The World Health Organization recommends a minimum 600 MET minutes of physical activity each week. That roughly equals a little under an hour and a half of walking.  Gopinath's study suggests 5,000 MET minutes.

"With aging demographics in most countries, a major challenge is how to increase the quality and years of healthy life," Associate Professor Gopinath said.

"Our findings suggest that physical activity levels need to be several times higher than what the World Health Organization currently recommends to significantly reduce the risk of chronic disease."

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