Gut Bacteria's Link To A Healthy Weight

A recent study conducted out of the Mayo Clinic suggests that gut bacteria may be responsible for peoples ability or inability to lose weight.

Purna Kashyap, M.B.B.S., and Vandana Nehra, M.D, were the co-senior authors of the study that was in the latest August 2018 journal.

The team gathered samples of gut bacteria from 26 participant who were part of the Mayo Clinic Obesity Treatment Research Program. Surprise, surprise the gut bacteria in the patients who lost weight versus those who didn't were different.  The bacteria Phascolarctobacterium seemed to be the bacteria that lead to the weight loss success.  The bacteria Dialister on the other hand seemed to be the culprit for those who had trouble losing weight.  Their finding suggested it increased the inability to use certain carbohydrates.

Of course more studies need to be done.  However, it seems there are more and more studies supporting good gut bacteria leading to weight loss.  

Maybe it's time to ditch the processed food, eat living food and supplement with a quality probiotic.

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